BMW 7 (G12) KEAN Dropbox

Project details

We have lowered Kristof's BMW 7 series with our KEAN dropbox. Aswell as the beautiful Brixton Forged wheels HS1 Duotec in Olympic Bronze.

We have already placed the dropbox in several cars: Audi, VW, Mercedes, Tesla, BMW, Range Rover, ...

However, we do not do this through software because then there is a chance that the adjustment will be canceled after a software update.

The dropbox is the placement of a valve and non-return valves with remote control. This allows you to release all air from the air bags when it is parked by pressing a remote control and causing the car to fall into show mode. When the ignition is switched on, the original compressor will refill the system in such a way that the car returns to the driving height. The car will also not notice this change and therefore will not give any error messages.

The result is stunning. If your car also has OEM air suspension, do not hesitate to contact us.

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